Eachine TRASHCAN 75mm Upgrade mods

Some usefull Eachine TRASHCAN 75mm Upgrade mods.

Broken FPV antenna replacement

After I have broken the original antenna clean off it was time for a raplacement. I used the 5 GHz linear antenna and striped it down, exposing the radiating element and soldering it directly onto the broken’s antenna coax cable.

The same process is described here

New strip down antenna

External receiver

Because of the lack of range the default receiver delivers I mounted the Flysky FS-A8S FS A8S V2 receiver which fit in the main canapie. The reciever is connected to the flight controller using a free rx pin via i-BUS. The receivers antenna is installed through the back canapie hole.

Receiver sitting in the canapie

Cheap battery replacement

The included batteries soon started to puff after extendet use of half a year and it was time for a replacement. After searching the internet a found this. A 200 mAh 1s battery at a low price I could use with some modifications. I desoldered the original Pico connector and soldered two batteries in parallel. On the 1S 2P packs I soldered the JST connectors. The total battery count on the drone was 2S 2P. With the incresed battery capacity of 400mAh the flight time incresed to around 3min when cruising.

Some 2S indoor flight

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