DIY 1000mW 2.4gHz RF Amplifier

BOM and gerber files now avalible:


I designed a low cost 2.4ghz RF Amplifier based around SKY65162-70LF. The SKY65162 offers wide frequency operation range and is suited for both 900mHz and 2.4gHz both very popular in the RC comunity.

The RF amplifier IC is a 400 to 3800 MHz Linear Power Amplifier that can output up to 30.0 dBm with 20.0 dBm gain.

My Diy amplifier mounted on the turnigy 9x transmitter


Passive components for 2.4gHz

I created the chematics based on amplifiers typical aplication which also offers component values for its operation bands and than designed a 4 layer pcb following the manufacturers sample design found in the data sheet.

PCB layout

I calculated the prefered 50Ω impedace between first and second layer with the Saturn PCB toolkit using the PCB manufacturers PCB stackup. For 2.4ghz I calculated the track width to be 13,5 mils.

For PCB manufaturing I arranged my designes in an array to maximize the PCB quantity that I could acquire for the same price.

Amplifier all up cost

My diy amplifier sould cost less than the solutions you can find on the market.

costs per 1 PCB:

PCB =~ 0,5€

SKY65162-70LF =~ 2,93 €

Passive components =~ 1€

RF connectors =~ 3€

Aluminium housing = Time spend on your CNC router

All up cost =~ 7,5€

Projects progress

I have already soldered the passive 0402 components which is shown in this video which I recordered it with my DIY smd microscope adapter.

I have also finished the amplifier housing. It is made out of alumimium and offer great rf shielding and heat decipation.

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