DIY 1000mW 2.4gHz RF Amplifier


I designed a low cost 2.4ghz RF Amplifier based around SKY65162-70LF. The SKY65162 offers wide frequency operation range and is suited for both 900mHz and 2.4gHz both very popular in the RC comunity.

The RF amplifier IC is a 400 to 3800 MHz Linear Power Amplifier that can output up to 30.0 dBm with 20.0 dBm gain.


Passive components for 2.4gHz

I created the chematics based on amplifiers typical aplication which also offers component values for its operation bands and than designed a 4 layer pcb following the manufacturers sample design found in the data sheet.

PCB layout

I calculated the prefered 50Ω impedace between first and second layer with the Saturn PCB toolkit using the PCB manufacturers PCB stackup. For 2.4ghz I calculated the track width to be 13,5 mils.

For PCB manufaturing I arranged my designes in an array to maximize the PCB quantity that I could acquire for the same price.

Amplifier all up cost

My diy amplifier sould cost less than the solutions you can find on the market.

costs per 1 PCB:

PCB =~ 0,5€

SKY65162-70LF =~ 2,93 €

Passive components =~ 1€

RF connectors =~ 3€

Aluminium housing = Time spend on your CNC router

All up cost =~ 7,5€

Projects progress

I have already soldered the passive 0402 components which is shown in this video which I recordered it with my DIY smd microscope adapter.

I the future I will design and cnc mill an aluminium hausing which will act as a rf shielding and heatsink. When the project is completed I will test its output power and RC link range increase.

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