Custom mechanical keyboard design

Assembly of my mechanical keyboard consist of:

  • Custom aluminium/walnut case
  • Custom aluminium plate
  • Custom PCB
  • Gateron yellow switches
  • DCS Classic 1980’s TKL Blank Keyset from UK-Keycaps

Keyboard layout

For this keyboard I chose an European style 65% layout as it is compact and still packs a lot of features such as spaced out arrow and navigation keys.

In the link below I provided a raw layout code text you can use on sites like

Custom aluminium/wallnut case and aluminium plate

Case will consist of 3 parts all machined in the house with a CNC router. The walnut layer will be sandwitched between the two aluminum layers and the aluminium plate, which will hold the switches in place.

Custom PCB and Keyboard layout

For the keyboard PCB design I followed A GitHub Guide and my past knowledge.

The PCB is eqipped with standard cherry style switch fooprints, an ATMEGA32U4, LL4148 diodes and an USB C port. I have also included cherry style stabilizer mounts and other passive components.

Progression of the build

I will be posting updates as the build progresses so stay tuned!

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