I made a Heavy duty DIY FPV cloverleaf antenna using 3d printed parts to help the antenna hold its shape and survive heavy FPV bando bashing.

The antenna is constructed with 0.8mm copper wire pushed inside individual 3d printed petals of the cloverleaf. The petals are than glued to a unibody holder which holds them in place where they can be soldered to the coaxial cable.

The petal and body are all glued together with CA glue. The base is held on the coaxial cable only by friction but a layer of heat shrink tube can be used for added fixturing.

Stl files for 3d printing can be downloaded here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5252896

A quick SWR sweep show that the antenna is properly tuned for the desired band of 5.8 Ghz

Top view