2-way passive audio crossover

I designed a simple 2-way passive audio crossover, consisting of 2 power inductors and 2 non polarized electrolytic or ceramic capacitors so this makes for a second-order design or 12 dB/octave. This order is commonly used in passive crossovers as it offers a reasonable balance between complexity and response. Higher order audio filters are harder to design, because components interact with each other.

Second order passive filter schematics

I calculated the component values for the audio crossover based on the Linkwitz–Riley capacitor and inductor ratios. I chose the cutout frequency to be at 4000 Hz. This value was choosen to better protect the tweeter from lower frequencies.


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Great quality PCBs provided by PCBWay

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I sourced all the filter components from Würth elektronik who offer great quality passive components.

Pcb in a reflow owen

Audio amplifier complete design (Tpa3116d2)

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3D files

Amplifier PCB

I designed a complete enclosure to house my previously designed tpa3116 2x50w amplifier board.

The design includes a 10A fuse to protect the amplifier board in case of a short-circiut or a reverse polarity of the power supply. I also fitted the amplifier ic with a heat sink which help the amplifier to achive the desired 2x50W of output power.

The enclosure is equipped whits several 5mm banana plugs for power transfer and 2 pairs of audio signal jacks.

Tpa3116 2x50w amplifier board design

Purchase pcbs here: https://www.pcbway.com/project/shareproject/Tpa3116_2x50w_audio_amplifier_board.html

I designed an audio power amplifier board based around the tpa3116d2. I chose the highest possible oscilator frequency of 1200khz. Many chinese designs feature no output LC filter which may result in power losses and lower efficiency. Because of that I chose higher grade components that are included in the output filter. My design also includes a large heat spreder, whitch may come in handy when dealing with a version of the IC that has a bottom mounted heat pad. My design also include loads of vias at the adge of the PCB which take care of high frequency interference.

The ampflifier is capable of delivering 50W to a singe channel load (4ohm).

Gerber files and schematics are publicy avalible on GitHhub.