DIY camera intervalometer

I designed a camera intervalometer PCB. The intervalometer will plug into a camera and control how often and how long and how many shots will be taken.

The PCB consists of STM32F0 microcontroller, TPS63031DSKT power supply switching regulator, which supplys 3V3 for the microcontroller and display from a single li-po cell. Li-po battery is charged through the USB port using MCP73811T charge controller. UI includes 5 navigation buttons and an I2C generic oled display.

The project is in the production state. I will be posting updates when the project is finished.

The pcbs were again provided by PCBWay who offer fast and reliable service. PCBs took 4 days to arrive. PCBs came well packaged. PCBs look good, even the 0402 solder pads are nice quality. The USB connector cutout is nice and square even the inner corners are square. I was happy with the PCB service, mostly by the fast shipping and production time.

You can order your own PCBs here:

Digital wrist watch prototyping

I made a digital wrist watch prototype based around STM32F070 paired with a generic 0.96 inch OLED I2C display. PCB is designed in a way that the OLED display fits the header and mounting holes. The microcontroller uses internal RTC with internal low speed clock oscillator for reading the clock values.

PCB layout

Oled display sits above the main PCB. It features a MCP73871 charge controller which can tel the microcontroller the state of charge and other faults regarding the battery. Two tactile push buttons are used for navigation and the remaing one is dedicated for waking up the microcontroller and oled display. Pcb is designed for use with a TEMT6000 light sensor which has not been implemented yet and will be used for adjusting the oled display brightness. I will be making mre modification to the PCB in the future.

I implemented a code for a simple setting menu.